10 Rick & Morty Fates Worse Than Death

10 Rick & Morty Fates Worse Than Death

by | Nov 5, 2020

Rick and Morty is a clever, dark and hilarious show which takes sci-fi concepts and horrible twists them into surreal adventures. The show about a long-suffering 13-year-old Morty and his sadistic scientist grandpa is filled with sharp humour and interesting characters, but it’s the crazy adventures that keep the audience’s peeled to the screens. But not every tale has a happy ending and WhatCulture explore the darker side of the show. Looking at the terrible things that happen in the show, the video explores some situations that are literally worse than dying. Here is 10 Rick & Morty Fates Worse Than Death.


Eternal torture, existential dread… just your average adventure with Rick & Morty.



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