10 Smartest Decisions In Horror Movie History

10 Smartest Decisions In Horror Movie History

by | Mar 26, 2019

Not every character in a horror film is running around with marbles in their heads! Some of them are quite adapt at running, jumping and (very occasionally) outwitting the villian! Whilst it’s far easier to fall over a twig, snap your leg and die at the hands of a chainsaw wielding madman, some of the people that pop up on screen really want to survive. WhatCulture, bless their little video hearts, are taking the time to check out some of the smarter decision made whilst in the throes of a horror bonanza. Prepare for some smart thinking and quick decisions are we look at 10 Smartest Decisions In Horror Movie History.


Heard a noise in the attic? You’re damn right I’m not investigating.

00:57 Saw V
02:07 Scream
03:16 The Shining
04:25 A Quiet Place
05:27 World War Z
06:19 Evil Dead 2
07:26 You’re Next
08:24 The Thing
09:30 The Taking of Deborah Logan
10:37 Alien.




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