5 REAL Vampires That Actually Existed

5 REAL Vampires That Actually Existed

by | Aug 9, 2018

“She was strangle in her sleep by a boy who had died 9 weeks prior!”

Myth or legend, the vampire has become one of the worlds most favourite boogeymen. Nearly every culture stretched across this planet has tales of the unleaded feasting on the blood of the innocent. The story of vampires and vamperism are far and wide, and even if you tell yourself “there’s no such thing as vampires (fruitcake!)”, that does not stop the persistence of the stories. You may not have a vampire living next door to you, but for sure, in one form or another, they do exists! 

Slapped Ham take a look at 5 “REAL” vampires that have existed in history’s murky past. 

“From witnessed accounts of vampire attacks to entire towns plagued by the undead, we count 5 real vampires that actually existed.”




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