7 Boss Fights You Dreaded the Most

7 Boss Fights You Dreaded the Most

by | Apr 29, 2020

Over the years, video game boss fights have evolved  from end level challenges to epic cinematic set pieces. Finding yourself in a large open area, with no way visible way out, and you are undoubted about to face a nasty big boss fight. But some games go the extra mile to make sure that your dreading the confrontation, by slowly revealing the boss or giving you a hint of whats to come. Luke Westaway, from Outside Extra, takes up the challenge of seven examples of boss you dreaded facing, long before you did. From machines being built around you to monstrous early encounters, here are 7 Boss Fights You Dreaded the Most. Enjoy…


These boss fights weren’t necessarily the toughest, but thanks to crafty theatrics on the game’s behalf, you ended up dreading them all the same.



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