7 Worst Horror Movie Games of All Time

7 Worst Horror Movie Games of All Time

by | Nov 2, 2020

Not every film that comes out gets a video game tie in, and when they do, they are not always the game the films deserves. The same can be said about the horror genre, where there are plenty of video game adaptations that did not exactly hit a home run. Outsidexbox checks out 7 terrible video games that came from amazing horror films. From spooky ventures such as The Grudge to 80’s classic like Fright Night, these games really missed the mark. Here is 7 Worst Horror Movie Games of All Time. Enjoy…


Horror movie tie in games are a lot like horror movies themselves: for every good one, there are ten bad ones, and that’s even with acknowledging that Aliens: Colonial Marines is technically based on an action movie. Here then, in the spirit of Halloween, are 7 of our favourite bad horror movie tie-in games, that were weird, baffling, or just plain missed the point of the original movie.



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