American Psycho - What's the Difference?

American Psycho – What’s the Difference?

by | Jul 5, 2018

“I’ve got to return some video tapes!”


Bret Easton Ellis’ book, American Psycho was as much controversial as was it’s 2000 film adaption, delivering graphic violence and sex along side long monologues about Huey Lewis and business cards. But it was the films ending that left audiences questioning exactly how much of the story actually transpired, and how much of it was in the imagination of Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman!

Giving us a little insight to what was going on, CineFX take us on another adventure into “What’s the Difference?” with an episode dedicated to the gruesome story of American Psycho. Check out the film below and be sure to hit up CineFX with a follow on YouTube. American Psycho – What’s the Difference?.


This 4th of July let’s take a minute to reflect on how truly Psycho some Americans can be! Bret Easton Ellis’ incredibly graphic novel and Mary Harron’s just as bonkers adaptation of American Psycho are just as relevant now as when they were made. So with no restraint on spoilers (but some restraint on the gore) it’s time to ask What’s the Difference?!?



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