Connecting the PHANTASM Universe & Origin of the Tall Man

Connecting the PHANTASM Universe & Origin of the Tall Man

by | Jan 31, 2018

“Abstract Science Fiction”


The Phantasms Films are not the most easiest to follow. The series use of style over story has always been the films shortfall, but with five films racked up on the score board, many Horror Fans have proposed a linear story throughout the franchise. The very first film, in 1979, created a story about a supernatural and malevolent undertaker who turns the dead into dwarf zombies, with further films expanding this “Tall Man’s” reach into dimension hopping and world domination.

Jamie from Foundflix is breaks down all five films in the hope of finding a common story and explore the history of the films characters. . So hold on to your hats, concentrate real hard, and don’t go through the dimensional fork. Oh BOY!


“Looking back at the PHANTASM film series from Don Coscarelli, and how the latest and possible final entry RAVAGER brings the universe full circle. Plus a look at the origins of the iconic Tall Man!”



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