Everything Wrong With Midsommar In Bearskin Minutes

Everything Wrong With Midsommar In Bearskin Minutes

by | Mar 5, 2020

Midsommar was one of the best films that emerged from 2019, spinning a dark tale about friends that travel to Sweden to take part in a pagan cults fabled midsummer festival. Much like The Wicker Man, Midsommar concentrates on the slow, methodical manifestation of horror, as the true terror is unmasked through the measured actions of the cults festival. Filled with foreshadowing, dark imagery and (eventually) graphic murder, Midsommar manages to mix dazzling imagery with dark and serious tones without sacrificing the story. 

CinemaSins has thrown their own lottery ball into the ring hoping to be May Queen, alongside delivering a generous review on all the films sins. From disappearing extras, to super eyesights, CinemaSins is leaving no stone un-sinned, as they take us through a 16 minute rant of the highest quality. Here is Everything Wrong With Midsommar In Bearskin Minutes! Hazzar! 


Midsommar is a movie that some people loved, some other people loved even more, and then a whole lot of people didn’t watch it because a friend told them it wasn’t for them. We honestly don’t care if you loved it or hated it… we just count the sins.



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