Fans React to Fear the Walking Dead S4 E3!

Fans React to Fear the Walking Dead S4 E3!

by | May 9, 2018

“If he dies I’ll lose my f@#king sh*t!”

Television has gone through some big changes in the last 10 years. Whilst it used to be a family affair with comedy dramas and fun sitcoms that pulled in the big viewing figures, adult shows have become a huge draw. Shows, such as The Walking dead, no longer play it safe, relentlessly killing off characters left right and center, keeping it’s audience always on it’s toes. This weeks Fear the Walking dead did something very ballsy and out right crazy. Not only did it kill of one of it’s few central characters, but it also did it in episode 3. Just nonchalantly thrown into an odd episode at the start of the new series. 

Skybound took to youtube, and grabbed all those delicious reaction videos to bring you one whole big mix of people screaming at their television sets.  Watch as it begins to dawn on everyone’s faces, that the stricken hero is not getting back up. Sad times!



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