Holiday Horror Movies to NOT Watch With Your Family

Holiday Horror Movies to NOT Watch With Your Family

by | Dec 12, 2019

If you’re already planning your holiday movie list, any Horror Fan will be already thinking about what FROZEN delights to add to the NAUGHTY list. You may well have gone through all the classics, but are still a few odd gems short of something special. Well look no more, as NowThis Nerd have a list to DIE for. Featuring a host of films that are strange, horrifying and just the perfect stocking filler you’ve been looking for. Here are Holiday Horror Movies to NOT Watch With Your Family. Enjoy….


Thanksgiving means many things: Turkey, the onset of Christmas and the holidays, friends, food, and family. But Thanksgiving also means the start of holiday movie season! And since this is NowThis Nerd, we’ve gathered a few holiday horror movies for you to peruse after popping down some pumpkin pie. Thankskilling, followed by its sequel Thankskilling 3, is the poster child for Thanksgiving movies that take a creepy, scary, but funny twist. You’ll never look at turkeys the same way again.


Winter means more than just the holidays, though, nondenominational snowmen are also perfect fodder for slasher cinema, as evidenced by the infamous Jack Frost horror movie. One of the first and best Christmas horror movies is Black Christmas, and it’s been one of the most remade films in modern memory. From Black Christmas 1974, to Black Christmas 2006, and finally Black Christmas 2019, every trailer, clip, and scene so far has showed us that this timeless classic is still relevant to modern horror fans. Finally, we come to Santa Claus, a Mexican film from 1959 that’s one of the most bizarre takes on Santa Claus we’ve ever seen. Far from a Santa Claus horror movie, this strange take on Kris Kringle is choc full of nightmare fuel.



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