Honest Trailers – Aliens

Honest Trailers – Aliens

by | Mar 25, 2019

“Bigger, yellier and 10 times more boomier”

Aliens is one of the most loved horror/action films in the ever-going Alien franchise. Filled with quotable lines and pack to the brim with horrifying Xenomorph, the film dares to ask the question, what if there was more than just one? The answer is a frantic battle of survival for the crew of the spaceship USS Sulaco, as they battle waves of Aliens and the bureaucracy of the Weyland-Yutani companies middle management. Screen Junkies have taken an honest look at the film in a hilarious breakdown called Honest Trailers – Aliens.  Make it bigger better and plural… Enjoy!


Return to the grimey, sweaty, truck stop bathroom that is the Alien universe for a sequel that’s like the first, only plural – ALIENS!



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