Horror Shorts – Hangnail

Horror Shorts – Hangnail

by | Jun 15, 2020

Ready for something ghoulish Horror Fans? Here’s a little tale that’ll have your skin crawling, as long as it’s still attached to your body! Hangnail is a three-minute horror film from Canadian writer-director Colin MacDonald who shot the film during lock-down. Just don’t watch it whilst you eating… Here is a Horror Short called “Hangnail”.


That hanging piece of skin. That painful chunk of tissue that won’t let go. You rip and tear at it, but the flesh holds on. This common nuisance turns into a grisly nightmare in Hangnail.

“Hangnail was a film idea that’s been hanging around, waiting to be ripped free,” quips MacDonald. “After spending years dreaming of making it, I can’t wait to make the internet cringe with pain from watching it.”

The short was produced by MacDonald and Barron in a single night during quarantine in the couple’s Nova Scotia home. Horror film journalist/composer Jerry Smith then came on board to provide an original synthesizer score.




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