How to Kill Frankenstein’s Monster

How to Kill Frankenstein’s Monster

by | Nov 21, 2018

Victor Frankenstein’s bastard child came to life in the mind of Mary Shelley in 1818. Despite the age of the story, Frankenstein’s powerful story has never diminished from the public consciousnesses and is still being told to this day. 2015’s Victor Frankenstein was a great prequel to the tale, whilst the TV series Penny Dreadful hit screens in 2014 with an incredible faithful interpretation of the story. I, Frankenstein was another 2014 turn for the creature, and back in 2004 Hugh Jackman battle the nameless hulk in Van Helsing. Frankenstein ignited our imaginations and challenged our understanding of life and death, and so it’s easy to see why it still popular to this day. That said, NowThis Nerd takes a look at how to kill the poor beast! 

If you’ve ever made a monster and gotten some serious buyer’s remorse, Moose is here with a guide on how to destroy your infernal creation.




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