How to Kill Krampus

How to Kill Krampus

by | Dec 24, 2018

The Krampus is a legend of folklore, who is the polar opposite to Father Christmas. Whilst Santa gives good boys and girls presents on Christmas eve,  Krampus punishes children who have misbehaved. This horned demon is curse on the christmas season and NowThis Nerd are trying to take him down. 


The Christmas horror known as Krampus has been a beloved myth of folklore and legend for centuries, but the answer to the simple question of who is Krampus requires a complicated answer to have Krampus explained. What is Krampus? He’s more than a demon, monster, or devil, and he’s more than just an evil Santa Claus. Beyond the Krampus origins in Pre-Christian European folklore, Krampus history is fraught with tales of bad kids being absconded to hell by the Krampus legend.


From time immemorial, Krampus unleashed vengeance on those who disobeyed their parents, inspiring so much scary, creepy fear that he eventually earned a holiday of his own, Krampusnacht, complete with his own Krampus parade. But even outside of folklore, Krampus has started to invade cinema, and every new Krampus movie, Krampus trailer, clip, and scene gives us new insight into the evil demon who haunts the XMas season. Krampus has racked up quite the kill count across the many Krampus movies in existence, but no matter how many kills, it’s quite possible to deliver a satisfying Krampus ending. From Krampus Unleashed, to the Krampus 2015 movie, he’s become a holiday horror icon of his own right, and no holiday should be complete without our guide on how to kill Krampus.



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