Maximum Overdrive (1986) Carnage Count

Maximum Overdrive (1986) Carnage Count

by | Aug 19, 2020

Stephen King did not have a good time directing an adaption of his 1978 short story Trucks. In fact, the experience was so terrible, that the horror writer never stood behind the camera lenses again. However, the film was pretty awesome, with a terrific over the top cast and wacky effects, it’s a real treat for the eras and eyes. But just how much carnage went down during the films run-time? That the question Carnage Counts answers in a bloody little video that breaks down the kills. Here is Maximum Overdrive (1986) Carnage Count. Enjoy…


A statistical breakdown of carnage in Maximum Overdrive!
This video has graphic imagery and spoilers, so viewer discretion is advised.



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