Re-Animator (1985) KILL COUNT

Re-Animator (1985) KILL COUNT

by | Sep 12, 2019

 “Herbert you’re insane!”


Loosely based on the 1922 H. P. Lovecraft serial novelette, Re-Animator is a graphic thrill ride of nudity, violence and gore. Starring Jeffrey Combs as Doctor Herbert West, who’s reanimating reagent can bring the dead back to life. With plenty of laughs and buckets of blood, this terrifying tale is a fantastic tale. Dead Meat have resurrected the film for their hellish KILL COUNT series which looks at just how many bodies pile up in the flix.  Prepare for a scare as the film looks at double doses of bodies..thanks to the reagent that brings back the dead! Here is Re-Animator (1985) KILL COUNT! Enjoy…





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