Rebuilding The Shape with Tommy Lee Wallace

Rebuilding The Shape with Tommy Lee Wallace

by | May 5, 2020

Through out the slasher sub-genre, one of the most popular horror traits is the masked killer. Whilst there many cool and fascinating stories behind the designs of the masks worn, none is more interesting than that of the original slasher icon, Michael Myers. Tommy Lee Wallace was hired as s production designer, art director, location scout and co-editor for the original 1978 Halloween, and it was up to him to design a mask. The end design was a William Shatner mask, which Wallace painted white, widened the eyes and changed the hair. 

For anyone that’s ever wanted to see how exactly Tommy Lee Wallace created the shape from Shatner, the following video from Sean Clark, host of Horror’s Hallowed Grounds, Wallace takes us through the steps. Here is Rebuilding The Shape with Tommy Lee Wallace. Enjoy…


This is a video we made back in 2014 I believe. It was made with the intention of being part of the Halloween: The Complete Collection Box Set. For years fans have asked Tommy Lee Wallace for the details of exactly how he converted the William Shatner mask into The Shape. For the first and only time Tommy takes us step by step and shows exactly what he did back in 1978.



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