Resident Evil Director's Cut Version vs. Uncut Version

Resident Evil Director’s Cut Version vs. Uncut Version

by | Jan 8, 2018

“Wait …Don’t Go…..!”

I’m a huge fan of Resident Evil, having had my first experience of the game on the Sega Saturn, around october in ’97. The version I got my mucky little teen paws on was the heralded Directors Cut, a much more bloody and visceral version of the original Playstation game that had released a year before. However, the 97′ released version still had heavily censored FMV sequences and it was a good few years before a disc arrived that included them, included Kenneth’s bloody death and a lot more of Joseph getting gnawed on by a frenzied zombie dog.  

Youtube channel PSX Mania put together a short video highlighting the major difference in the beginning of the Cut and Uncut games, and it’s an interesting look at censorship.  Enjoy Albert Wesker’s bright orange hair and how the cut version removed Chris Redfield puffing on a cigarette. 



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