The 7 Harshest Continue Screens in Arcade Game History

The 7 Harshest Continue Screens in Arcade Game History

by | Jul 24, 2018

“Maybe we’ll put some money in next time?”

Dying in video games suck. You lose progress, time and resources, not to mention that awful feeling on inadequacy that comes with every slumped broken bodies and dying screams. Outside Xbox highlight a step worse than dying, with classic arcade game over screens that taunt you into coughing up more coins. Refuse to spent any more money and your hero will be killed in a horrifically nasty way. Yes, it might be just a ploy to get you spending more of your hard earned money, but some of these screens are just so outrageous,you’ll be questioning your moral judgement for days to come. So cough up or die! Here is The 7 Harshest Continue Screens in Arcade Game History.


The whole point of arcade machines is to get you to insert more coins, which is why they often employ every trick in the book to get you to keep playing. The more horrible these games’ continue screens were, the more likely you were to pay up, which is why some of these just have to be seen to be believed. Subscribe for more videos like this one!



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