The Crow - What's the Difference?

The Crow – What’s the Difference?

by | Nov 1, 2018

“Victims, aren’t we all?”

The gothic horror film The Crow is a dark and tragic look at supernatural revenge. The film follows Eric Draven (Brandon Lee), a man brought back to life after he and his fiance were brutally murdered by a gang of street thugs. The violent and bloody film was based on a comic series first published in 1989 and was quickly turned into a wickedly dark film in 1994. The CineFix crew have once again stepped forward to break down the differences between book and novel in a little video they call The Crow – What’s the Difference?


Based on the comic book series by James O’Barr, the 1994 film took the liberty to tweak the structure and characters in what we like to call “Hollywoodification.” Check out our special Halloween edition of What’s the Difference?



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