The Dark History of the Cecil Hotel

The Dark History of the Cecil Hotel

by | Feb 9, 2021

There are many haunted building in the US, but none more terrifying than the infamous Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. This budget hotel first opened it’s doors in 1927 and quickly grew a reputation for suicides and other violent deaths. Whilst many haunted buildings remain quite innocuous, the Cecil Hotel continues to claim lives. Do you dare step into the terrible truth? Extravaganza Grotesque want’s to take you on dark journey into the history of the hotel that inspired American Horror Story: Hotel and continues to baffle the ghost hunting community. Take her hand… hold your breath.. it could be your last! Here is The Dark History of the Cecil Hotel. Enjoy…


American Horror Story Hotel is one of my favourite seasons of the anthology series. Inspired on the dark history of the Cecil Hotel, in this video I give you a little insight on the most bizarre events that have taken place on the hotel.

From the murder of the Black Dahlia, suicides and serial killers, to the vanishing of Elisa Lam, would you dare exploring these cases with me?



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