The Evolution Of The Terminator (Animated)

The Evolution Of The Terminator (Animated)

by | Feb 4, 2020

No franchise has gone through more changes than that of the Terminator franchise. With at at least five different alternate timelines and with an ever growing list of cyborgs and killer AI’s, The Terminator is a franchise that has been running for 36 years. Tell It Animated have jumped on board to show us an illustrated look at the many different looks and numbers of Terminators that have been flung from the future, to kill it’s past. So fling us a thumbs up and get ready to witness The Evolution Of The Terminator (Animated). Enjoy…


The Evolution of the Terminator is brought to you by the new Apocalyptic Novel, Babylon Twins. The Terminator has been through it all, from the heights of the franchise to the many sequels lets go through the designs, abilities and evolution of the T-800, T-1000, T-850, T-X, Rev-9 and all the Terminators Live-Action!




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