The Shining – What’s the Difference?

The Shining – What’s the Difference?

by | Jul 24, 2019

With Doctor Sleep on the near horizon, I thought it might be cool to look at just how Stephen King’s original novel of The Shining and Stanley Kubrick’s rough interpretation compare to one another. Whilst King’s Doctor Sleep is a sequel to his original, the new film takes the best of both worlds and fits Kubrick’s version into the new chilling story. CineFix popular series “What’s the Difference?” takes a look at the two different versions of The shining.  Here is The Shining – What’s the Difference? (spoilers of course…)


At this point, near-countless Stephen King works have been adapted for big and small screen, but back in 1980, the Shining was only the second of King’s novels to come to a theater near you. No less a director than Stanley Kubrick saw the film come to life, and the changes made along the way were many and varied. We’ll look at book and movie, and tell you: What’s the Difference?



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