Top 10 Demons You Should Never Summon

Top 10 Demons You Should Never Summon

by | Aug 13, 2019

“Alarm bells should be ringing right about now… Just Don’t!”


There are certain key things that should never do in order to live a full and healthy life, and many of these go without saying. Don’t drink and drive, never listen the Duran Duran’s “Thank You” album and never ever summon Demons. The last one more than any other, don’t summons Demons! And yet its seems that history is rife with the act, with history telling tales of all sort of mischievous and deadly deities,  being called up from the very pits of hell. But like a lonely man at a brothel, sometimes it’s harder to stay away from the things we know are bad for us. So if you do decided it’s time to rustle up some demonic creature, here’s a video that may help you pick the right one. MostAmazingTop10 has summons up a terrifying video that showcases those Demons you most certainly DO NOT want to summon, if you know what is good for you. Looking at stories from across the world, here are Top 10 Demons You Should Never Summon. Enjoy…


Personally I think you should never summon any demon ever. I think there’s no need, I think you can live your whole life without doing it in fact im sure I’d die happy with 0 regrets if I never summoned one. But I mean if that’s what you like doing when you’re free on a Sunday evening I’m not judging you, you do you, here’s some advice on demons you should avoid.



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