Tremors (1990) KILL COUNT

Tremors (1990) KILL COUNT

by | Mar 31, 2022

“How many residents of Perfection become Graboid confections?”

As creature features go, giant underground worms might not sound like the most interesting film going, but proving that the early worms catches the human, the 1990 horror comedy Tremors quickly grew into a massive franchise of 8 films and a TV series. Following a bunch of hungry human feasting “Braboids” Tremors does away with the classis dark settings of your normal horror film, and flips the mood for a sun-bleached dessert town that is terrorized by the giant worms.  Diving underground with the franchise is the Dead Meat channel and their Kill Count, which aims to ask the question, just how many people did those Graboids grab? So, hold onto your trousers and get up high off the ground, here is Tremors (1990) KILL COUNT. Enjoy…


“So excited to present the first-ever guest-hosted Kill Count – featuring our very own Zoran Gvojic!”



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