The Untold Truth Of Evil Dead

The Untold Truth Of Evil Dead

by | Jan 30, 2018

“Three schmoes in search of a clue”

New film makers are often drawn towards low-budget horror movies. And it’s The Evil Deads enduring success that shows just how well that can pan out, for a bunch of schmoes with nothing but ambition and shit-ton of corn syrup. Looper takes a look at the Evil Dead franchise’s humble beginnings and how it spawned an amazing horror franchise, which sets our Hero Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) against the endless threat of the Evil Dead. The Untold Truth Of Evil Dead. Check it out….

“More than 35 years after the release of its low-budget, outrageous first installment in 1981, Evil Dead is still alive. With four movies and a TV series under its banner, the franchise just can’t beaten. Here’s how this crazy, campy, chainsaw-happy movie about one guy taking on demons in a remote forest cabin went from the backwoods of Michigan to the delirious nightmares of horror fans worldwide…”



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