Vampire’s Kiss (1988) – 10 Best Quotes

Vampire’s Kiss (1988) – 10 Best Quotes

by | May 31, 2022

Vampire’s Kiss is easily one of Nicolas Cage’s most outlandish performances, but it’s also a dismal ugly and misogynistic film that is only redeemed by Cages acting choices. Cage plays Peter Loew, a playboy literary agent in New York City, as if he’s a having a mental breakdown, which leaves audience to decide for themselves whether Loew really is becoming a vampire or not. It’s hard to really put a finger on what makes Loew such a watchable villain, but it’s easy to see the charm in Cages performance. Looking at ten of Cages best lines from the film is God Loves Movies Too, a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing best lines in films. So lest take a bite out of this classics 80’s vampire film with Vampire’s Kiss 1988 – 10 Best Quotes. Enjoy…



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