What Makes a Great Werewolf?

What Makes a Great Werewolf?

by | Aug 16, 2018

“What makes a truly great werewolf?”

Good were wolf movies are far and few between. It’s safe to say that this sub-genre is possible one of the most underused in horror. With vampire films a plenty, zombie movies being launched like iphones and spooks and spectres taking prime place in modern cinema, where are all the werewolf films?

Rossatron takes the first steps into exploring why it’s so difficult to make a great werewolf movie, hoping to explaining why the transforming beasts lack the cinema appeal of other horror creatures. Check out ‘What Makes a Great Werewolf’ Below. 


I wanted to explore what makes a great Werewolf (which happens to be my favourite movie monster). So sit back, relax, and beware the moon…



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