Whoops - 13 Horror Movie Plot Holes

Sometimes, film makers make mistakes. For every made movie there are tons of continuity errors and production errors. And then there are plot holes. Here are 13 Horror Movie Plot Holes that just don’t make any sense.


Halloween (1978)


Two maybe better than one, as we see Michael wearing the mask several times throughout the day. Yet, it’s not till later on that someone breaks in and steals a single Halloween mask from the hardware store.  Either there are two masked bad guys roaming the streets of Haddonfield, or Michael breaks in for a second mask?

Gremlins (1984)


Don’t get them wet. It’s one of the important rules you need to remember about when you own a Mogwai, get it wet, they will multiply. You may have noticed an abundance of snow in this Christmas based horror film. So the moment they get outside, you would have a severe pest problem, as they would be multiplying like a virus.. We should have ended up with a whole town seething with the little green fellas.

An American werewolf in Paris (1997)


The Eiffel Tower is narrow at the top and gets wider on the way down, therefore any attempt to bungee jump from the top would most probably result in death,  as they would smash into the tower structure as the plummeted towards the ground.

The Mummy Returns (2001)


It would seem that Evie and Rick have access to a time machine in this epic fail of continuity. The Mummy started in 1923,  but it wasn’t until three years later in 1926 that Evie and Rick actually met. So if The Mummy Returns takes place in 1933, Rick and Evie’s son Alex was born the year before they met! Alex is 8 years old at the time of the film.

Signs (2002)


The Aliens weakness is water. It’s doubtful that an advanced species of creature would pick a planet made up of 71 percent water, high amounts of water vapor in the air and frequent rain fall, if they knew it was deadly to them.

The Eye (2002)


Blind Wong Kar Mun has an eye transplant, which gives her sight for the first time in eighteen years. The side-effect is that she can now, see the dead. How is it that she can also hear the ghosts as well?

Resident Evil Series (2002 – 2016)

Just what exactly is Umbrellas plan? I can understand them creating a bio-weapon project whilst earth is populated, but after the entire world is destroyed and taken over by zombies and creatures, just what exactly is umbrella doing continuing with their experiments? There are no more people to protect, no more wars to be won, yet they continue on like they are serving some purpose?

The Butterfly effect (2004)


Evan tries to prove to his new cell mate that he can travel in time by giving himself stigmata. However, according to the laws of time travel in this film, the scars would have just already been there. Instead, they appear out of no where, conveniently moving the plot along.

Saw (2004)


Jigsaw is lying on the ground with a gun in one hand, and a tape recorder in the other, so how does he manage to press the button on the control box to shock Adam when he fakes his death. when he shocks Adam the near the end, the control is in his hand, not hidden anywhere else.

I Am Legend (2007)


To get to Will smith, Anna drives to Manhattan from Philadelphia in a car, which should not be possible because they blew up all the bridges at the beginning off the film. Unless she has one of those James bond cars that can travel on land and sea, she should not have been able to get there.

Zombie land (2009)


Clearly the zombie plague goes to the head of our female pals. Wichita and Little Rock are headstrong and smart, then they suddenly decide to turn on all the amusements in the park, switching on rides and sideshows that have flashing lights and loud noises. They are then shocked when they are quickly surrounded by easily excitable zombies! This stupidity just does not fit with their characters.

Scream 4 (2011)


Apart from the entire town being inhabited by parent-less teens that live by themselves, and cops that do nothing to even try to catch the bad guys, the killers plan is just stupid.
Rather than making sure Sydney was dead, Killer Cousin Jill stabs her just once, rather than the frenzied attacks we saw through out the rest of the film. Jill is then surprised to find out that Sydney is still alive!

World War Z (2013)

The entire Jerusalem section is just stupid. How did they manage to build such a huge wall in such a short period of time without any other country realizing it? Also Jerusalem does not have an airport, so good luck landing a plane within the newly walled city.

One bonus one..not horror related..Tin does not rust..sorry Dorothy, your friends a liar!

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