Why Hollywood Wont Cast Freddy Kruger Anymore!

Why Hollywood Wont Cast Freddy Kruger Anymore!

by | Apr 1, 2018

The man of everyone’s dreams has been cast aside by Hollywood’s honchos.

There was a time that Freddy Kruger films were guaranteed box office smashers, but for some reason, even his critically acclaimed films, like I Dream of your Spleeny , and Saturday Nightmare Fever (released more recently) haven’t pulled in enough cash.

Despite the Bloodfather sequel doing really well at the box office, earning about $160 million over its budget, critics were not kind.

Why Hollywood Wont Cast Freddy Kruger Anymore

Then comes the issue of not winning enough awards. HE HASN’T WON ANY AWARD BECAUSE YOU STOPPED CASTING HIM IN GOOD FILMS…Sorry did I say that out loud?

As I ponder on this subject, I can’t help but wonder, how hasn’t this man got an Oscar? Miracle on Elm Street, Rebel Without some Claws, The Best Fears of Our Lives, Invasion of the Body Scratchers, Blade Hand Luke, Gone Through the Window, It Happened One Nightmare, All About Evil, Citizen Pain Come on!

Why Hollywood Wont Cast Freddy Kruger Anymore

Though he didn’t get his third Golden Globe, Freddy had the whole theatre screaming with fear when he put it into perspective…

Freddy has also had very vocal opinions on drugs, particularly psychostimulant drugs and has openly campaigned against them.

Such open views on the ‘uppers’ could alienate parts of the audience, so studios could be reluctant to take on this sort of risk.

Why Hollywood Wont Cast Freddy Kruger Anymore

As of late, Freddy has been involved in other controversy surrounding his ex-girlfriend who died in her sleep back in 2015.

The girlfriends family have made accusation against Freddy that he allegedly invaded her dreams and murdered her!

Freddy has responded to these claims, saying:

“who gives a f@*k what you think!”

Why Hollywood Wont Cast Freddy Kruger Anymore

If these claims are true, they are undeniable terrible actions, but should they affect his acting career before they have even been proven?

Of course it’s a tough ‘biz’ to be in, but Hollywood is losing one of its most versatile and imaginative  actors.

Regardless of how many shiny awards the industry’s elite have chosen to give him, the guy has made so many people scream until they poop…what better recognition is there?

Why Hollywood Wont Cast Freddy Kruger Anymore

I think the demand for his energy on screen will never falter.

Freddy, I’m telling you there’s a chance.

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