10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

by | May 3, 2019

A good horror films needs a great backdrop, and whilst many rely on more conventional or familiar settings, there is nothing better than a creepy location to set the scene. Wandering into a foggy graveyard or dark, wild, woodland os far more terrifying than a supermarket. So we have picked 10 of the most Creepiest locals  and why we think they are so damned scary. Here are 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations.

Child’s Play 2 (1990) – Good Guy Toy Factory

Child's Play 2 (1990) - Good Guy Toy Factory - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

Taking a few notes out of Terminators books, Child’s Play 2 rocks up at an out-of-hours factory. The background noise of the factory equipment and the corridor of merchandise lead us into a maze of machinery and plastic, with Chucky as the dreaded Minotaur. It’s claustrophobic, oppressive and noisy. The perfect place for a horror showdown!


Friday the 13th – Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th – Camp Crystal Lake - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

The idyllic lake, the dense forest and a sprinkling of quint little huts, not exactly the terrifying setting you’d expect to show up on a list of creepy places.  But Cunningham Counties once popular summer camp is nicknamed “Camp Blood” for a reason. Whilst it might seem like a beautifully peaceful place, when the sun falls and the star shine, true terror will find you, as this dark maze or woodland will have you trapped like fish in a barrel.


Nightmare on Elm Street – The Boiler Room

Nightmare on Elm Street – The Boiler Room - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

Despite the location of the boiler room changing from one movie to the next (the second film stating it to be an abandoned power plant), The Boiler Room where Freddy Kruger took his victims (and fell foul of his fiery demise!) is a constant location from Freddy’s nightmares. Not only is it a representation of all his evil, it’s also the place where he pulls all his power from. The derelict, steam swept maze of pipes and steel gangways is Kruger’s playground, and it’s often painted red with the blood of his children.


Insidious (2010) – The further

Insidious (2010) – The further - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

Insidious is a haunted house film with a twist, that it’s people that are haunted, not places.  In the film, we are introduced to the ‘The Further’,  a vast, dark and empty dimension which is home to the tormented souls of the dead. It’s a timeless astral world filled with nightmarish spirits and an unusually high amount of fog. It’s a place not meant for the living and it’s a place you’d want to avoid at all cost.


Pumpkinhead (1988) – Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkinhead (1988) – Pumpkin Patch - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

Deep within a creepy forest lies Razorback Holler, a rotting pumpkin patch that is home to the grave of Pumpkinhead. At the centre is a large burial mound, surrounded by deformed and rotten pumpkins. Encircled by low lying swirls of foul mist and the twisted shapes of trees, the hollow is one of the creepiest memorials placed on film. It’s the resting place of an ancient creature of vengeance that can be called upon to bring true justice to those who have sinned.


House on Haunted Hill (1999) – Abandoned Hospital

House on Haunted Hill (1999) - Abandoned Hospital - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

Of course, we had to add an old haunted house on this list, and our pick goes to 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill.  The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally went up in flames in 1931, claiming almost all of the patients and doctors inside. Now converted into a private residence, much of the old hospital still remains, including surgery rooms, a labyrinthine basement and an archaic “Saturation Chamber”. The dimly lit, claustrophobic building is covered in cobwebs and dust and every corner is stuffed with old equipment from a gone by era. Even without the dark spirits, of the house’s deceased residence, haunting the halls, the long-abandoned hospital is as creepy as they come.


Event Horizion (1997) – Gravity Drive

Event Horizion (1997) – Gravity Drive - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

The Event Horizon is an ornate looking space vessel that crossed the threshold of another dimension and has somehow become sentient. With its long echoing walkways and with shadows in every corner, it’s a creepy and silent tomb. Torturing its crew with terrible visions and forcing them to mutilate themselves, the ships inter-dimensional evil stems from its central core, an experimental gravity drive, which sits at the heart of the ship as a harsh, jagged, spinning piece of mechanical evil. The drive rooms gothic overtones and sharp spikes make it look like a torture chamber. It’s certainly not a place you’d want to hang about in, for any long period of time.


It – Derry Sewers

It – Derry Sewers - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

Every creature has its lair, and for Stephen King’s IT, you’ll find that in the dark long tunnels or Derry’s Sewer system. The ancient interdimensional being lurks about in the dank and decrepit labyrinthine or endless tunnels. It’s dark, wet and the hunting ground for one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.


Thirteen Ghosts (2001) – Glass Maze

Thirteen Ghosts (2001) – Glass Maze - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

You can usually find ancient temples and pyramids filled with hieroglyphs and old forgotten languages carved into the walls, and in the 2001 remake of Thirteen Ghosts, this is taken to the next level. Ghost hunter Cyrus Kriticos has created a mansion made entirely of glass sheets inscribed with latin phrases and spells. This creepy residence is home to twelve angry spirits, which are trapped inside the walls, making this building more of a prison than a home. Despite the lack of any privacy, thanks to it’s transparent walls, the creepy words etched into the glass are a constant reminder of the dangers that lie within.


Evil Dead – Cabin

Evil Dead – Cabin - 10 of the Creepiest Horror Locations

Isolation can be a terrifying thing, hence why so many horror films play upon this aspect. From isolated lakes, abandoned buildings and deserted islands, where there are no people around, there is no help. This message is no clearer than in The Evil Dead, when a group of teens take themselves to a cabin in the woods. The ramshackle building is filled with creepy stuffed animal heads, dusty fittings and a dark water logged basement. It’s the perfect place to the raise the dead… literally!

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