5 Horrific Achilles Cut Scenes (And How to Avoid Them!)

5 Horrific Achilles Cut Scenes (And How to Avoid Them!)

by | Apr 26, 2019

Being a hardened horror fan, there’s little film makers can throw at me that can really freak me out. I can watch almost any type of torture or mutilation scene just fine, but when the nasty suckers start slicing at Achilles Tendon’s, it makes me wince like a little wuss! By all means, cut off limbs, smash in heads, but please….for the love of all the horror.. leaves those ankles alone. Here is out top 5 films where characters get their Achilles Tendon cut, and where to cover your eyes to avoid the horror of the slice!

Pet Sematary (1989)

Pet Sematary (1989) - 5 Horrific Achilles Cut Scenes

In the original film adaptation of Stephen King’s chilling meditation on morality, Pet Sematary, kindly neighbour Jud Crandall (Fred Gwynne) falls foul of a bad ankle injury in the third half of the 1989 film.

Having recently been resurrected from the dead, 3-year-old Gage Creed pays Jud a visit, hiding under a bed with a surgical scalpel in hand. Then in a moment that would make even the most hardened horror fan wince, the terror tot slices right through Jud’s ankle, before slashing at his face and tearing out the poor man’s throat. It’s a chilling moment that shows Gage is no longer the child he once was.

When to cover my eyes? Just as Jud enters the bedroom looking for Gage. Cover them up and wait until you hear the slam of Jud hitting the floor.


Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2004)

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2004) - 5 Horrific Achilles Cut Scenes

The epic revenge thriller Kill Bill tells the story of “The Bride” (Uma Thurman), as she gets revenge on her former colleagues who left her for dead. Having woken from a coma, she starts her vendetta on a hospital worker who has been ‘pimping’ out her unconscious body, by crushing his head in a door. But before she finishes him off, the bride incapacitates him by slicing his ankle with a pocket knife.

When to cover my eyes? When Buck enters the hospital room, and the camera slowly pans down to the floor, keep your eye holes covered!


Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) - 5 Horrific Achilles Cut Scenes

Deaf-mute Ryu’s (Shin Ha-kyun) life goes from bad to worse; in Park Chan-wook’s first revenge movie, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, as he attempts a kidnapping of a young girl, hoping to raise funds for his sick sister’s organ transplant operation. But like the best-laid plans of mice and men, things turn sour when the girl accidentally drowns. The girl’s farther, Park Dong-jin (Park Dong-jin) tracks down Ryu and drags him to the riverbed where his daughter died.  Dong-jin slashes Ryu’s Achilles tendons and waits for him to bleed to death in the murky water.

When to cover my eyes? When Dong-jin drags Ryu into the river, cover your peepers until the splashing stops.


House of Wax (2005)

House of Wax (2005) - 5 Horrific Achilles Cut Scenes

A gang of college friends find themselves facing double trouble in the 2005 remake of House of Wax, when two brothers hunt the teens to add them to their morbid sideshow. In a more graphic scene of ankle brutality, a young man named Wade (Jared Padalecki) is attacked by a stranger in a mask wielding a large pair of scissors. Attacking from a trap door in the floor, the scissors come out from the dark, and close sharply on poor wades tensor flesh.

When to cover my eyes? When the lights go out on wade, and the trap door opens, it’s time to close your eyes!


I Saw the Devil (2010)

I Saw the Devil (2010) - 5 Horrific Achilles Cut Scenes

The brutal South Korean revenge thriller, I Saw the Devil, sees NIS agent Kim Soo-hyun (Byung-hun) hunting down psychopathic murderer, Jang Kyung-chul (Min-sik), and in graphic screen that will make your skin crawl, Soo-hyun hobbles the killer with a scalpel. But the agent doesn’t just slash at Kyung-chul, he slowly inserts the tool, and then rips the tendon open from the inside out! Nasty Stuff!

When to cover my eyes? When the two men grapple in hospital and the nurse goes to leave…just turn off the film!

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