The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

by | Oct 24, 2017

Trick or Treat, smell our feet, give us something good to eat! Well now horror fans, I certainly would not recommend smelling any feet this Halloween, but I certainly would put out a delicious selection of treats for anyone that comes knocking at your door. Being one of the biggest candy related events in modern times, there’s a lot of good stuff on display.  In the UK alone, confectionery makes up £96m of the total Halloween opportunity. But which of the many treats do you purchase? Let us take you by our chocolate covered hands and show you what’s on offer this gruesome Halloween 2017.


Kinder Choco-Bons – Monster Packs

Choco-Bons - Monster Packs - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

Kinder has introduced a range of monster-designed Choco-Bons. These Fine Milk Chocolate Bites with a Milky Hazelnut Filling, come in a newly designed bag decorated with a range of colourful monsters. As the Choco-Bons are individually wrapped, they make an easy out of the bag treat for Trick or Treaters.


Maynards Bassetts – Creepy Chews

Maynards Bassetts – Creepy Chews - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

These creepy looking treats are perfect for filling cauldrons on Halloween. Fruit Flavour Chews with Liquid Centres, available with Orange and Strawberry Flavours. They might not look to appetising but they have a fruity trick in the middle. Enjoy as they ooze out in your mouth…. Ewwwww!


Chupa Chups – Spooky Candy Pizza

Chupa Chups – Spooky Candy Pizza - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

Probably one of the weirdest things available for Halloween, Chupa Chups have a Spooky Candy Pizza in stores. An assortment of jelly spiders, snakes, crocodiles lizards, centipedes topped with two googly eyes, ready to take away in its very own pizza box. Probably not a great thing to hand to a wayward Trick or Treater, but could be an awesome centre piece for your Halloween Party. Weird Stuff!!!


Nestle Milky Bar Ghost & Smarties Pumpkin

Nestle Milky Bar Ghost & Smarties Pumpkin - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

Always a favourite with Trick or Treaters, the Smarties Pumpkin is still one of the very few treats to have sweets inside, whilst the Milky Way Ghost just looks great. Drop one of these in a bag to put smiles on faces, or use as cool decorations for your party tables.


Cadbury Pumpkin Patch Cakes

Cadbury – Pumpkin Patch Cakes - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

Returning once again in the same packaging as last year, Pumpkin Patch Cakes are Chocolate flavoured sponge layered with an orange coloured crème, covered in milk chocolate and finished with a pumpkin decoration. Apart from looking awesome on your Halloween party spread, they taste pretty darn good too. A must have for your Halloween party spread!


Marks & Spencer’s Hollows and Spook ’Ems

Marks & Spencer’s Hollows and Spook ’Ems - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

Marks and Spencers have delivered a nice range of Halloween bag fillers this year. Our top two are the ‘Chocolate Character Hollows’ and the awesome looking ‘Spook ‘em’ Jellys. The Hollows are chocolate shells decorated in a range of spooky foil characters. They are great fun and perfect for dishing out to kids.  The ‘Spook ‘em’ Jellys are a mix of different fruit flavours, each moulded into a creepy shape. These are great bag fillers and something different to the usual chocolate affair.


Krispy Kreme – Halloween Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme - Halloween Doughnuts - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

Looking for something for your office party? Krispy Kreme have delivered a bunch of wicked looking donuts this year, perfect thing to get in the spirit of things.

Creepy Cobweb – Hand-dipped in chocolate icing & filled with our signature Kreme, decorated with a spider’s web.

Evil Eyeball – A ring doughnut, topped with white icing and decorated with red iced veins.

Monster Mummy – Filled with brownie batter and wrapped in green icing and white iced bandages.

Spooky Sprinkles – Aring doughnut hand-dipped in chocolate icing and spooky sprinkles.


Cadbury Halloween Mini-Rolls

Cadbury Halloween Mini-Rolls - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

Cadbury have improved from last year’s bucket of mini rolls and designed a set of Spooky Mini Rolls. They come in either regular or ‘Blackcurrant Bite’ both come in individually wrapped rolls with Halloween slogans on the wrappers. Any Trick or Treaters will be thrilled with these.


McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes – Spooky Mini Rolls

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Spooky Mini Rolls - The Best UK Halloween Treats in 2017

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Spooky Mini Rolls return to the shelves, thanks to their popularity over the last two years. Available in a ghoulish blend of dark crackly chocolate and light sponge with either a scarily zingy orange centre, or Jaffa Lemon And Slime. Kooky stuff for witches and werewolves.


Missing from Last Year

Screme Egg Biscuits

Cadburys Scream Egg Biscuits have disappeared this year.  You can still buy the Halloween branded cream eggs called Ghoost Eggs, but the green “Scream” variation and the biscuit versions appear to be discontinued.

Still MIA are the Cadburys cinder toffee rolls. They were the best thing on offer a few years back, but sadly disappeared last year.  

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