Christmas Gift Ideas for Horror Fans

Christmas Gift Ideas for Horror Fans

by | Dec 15, 2016

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. Tinsel and lights are hanging in shop windows and presents are stacking up under your tree. Christmas is here and it’s time to start ticking people off your list. To help you pick out a gift for that Horror fan in your life, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Whether you’re looking for that special something for a friend or even something for yourself, check out our Gift Ideas for Horror Fans.

Happy Shopping!


Handmade Necronomicon

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Handmade Necronomicon

Why Keep your Jewellery or trinkets in a plain old box when you could keep them in this horrifying handmade Necronomicon keepsake box. Looking just like something that hell this box will keep even the most curious of souls at bay.

Buy from Etsy


Elvira Coffee Table Book

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Elvira Coffee Table Book

Nothing says “Read Me” more than book with busty lady on the front cover, but you can put away your copies of Playboy and introduce something classier with the Elvira Mistress of Dark coffee table book. Even non-Elvira fans will not be able to resist having a flick through the Mistress of Dark celebration of 35 years. Filled with over 300 pictures of Elvira dressed up in tight costume, you’ll be the envy of everyone this Christmas.

Buy From Tweeterhead


Walking Dead Monopoly

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Walking Dead Monopoly

Sooner or later, during the festive season, someone will suggest monopoly! With the official Walking Dead version, you can now play as a baseball bat (Lucille), a Katana or even a bucket or body parts. No more income tax either (who needs that during a zombie apocalypse?) but you do need to watch out for zombie herds. Just don’t stop on uncle Bobs Hilltop Colony with three guard towers, it’s a real game KILLER!

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Krampus T – Shirt

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Krampus t-shirt

“You’d Better Not Cry” if you don’t get this amazing Christmas Krampus T-Shirt from Fright Rags. Based on the 2015 film, this details shirt will really put any Horror Fan in the Christmas spirit!

Buy from Fright Rags


Zombie Annihilation Crate

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Zombie Annihilation Crate

It could happen any day now, so get prepared and buy a loved one of these carefully handpicked Zombie Annihilation Crates. When the dead rise, your family will thank you for your generous gift. Filled with knives, flashlights and Spam (Delicious, delicious Spam!), this kit will certainly be well received.

Buy from Man Crates


Pop Vinyl 6” Queen Alien

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Pop Vinyl 6” Queen Alien

There are plenty of Horror Pop Vinyl Figures too choose from, but our top pick for this year would be the 6” Alien Queen. The detailed xenomorph figure will tower over your Ripley pop Vinyl and scare the cat.

Buy from Funko


Horror Shot Glasses

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Horror Shot Glasses

If there is one thing we will all be doing over the Xmas period, its drinking a lot of booze, so why not give a loved one a beautiful set of shot glasses adorned with the faces of some of the most notorious horror villains.

Buy from Etsy    


Human Flesh Soap

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Human Flesh Soap

Looking for something different? These chucks of human flesh are actually bars of watermelon soap. The prefect gift for people that like to be shocked and surprised, these bars look horrific, but smell gorgeous (and it’ll keep you clean too!).

Buy from Zombomb


Lament configuration box

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Lament Configuration Box

Any Horror Fan will love these Lament Configuration box replicas, which come with a display stand and the promise that no demons will rip you apart if you play with it. The perfect addition to a DVD display or even a cosplay prop. These boxes are handmade and reasonably priced.

Buy from Etsy


Horror Rolling Pin

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Horror Rolling Pin

Fancy baking some festive cookies, look no further than this spooky laser etched rolling pin. The perfect accessory for any Horror aficionado. This pin will create spooky looking patterns for you to impress friends and family.

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Horror Movie Colouring Book

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Horror Movie Colouring Book

Something for the kids. The Colour Me Good Arrggghhhh!! Colouring book is filled with pages of joy for your young ones to decorate. Why have your kids drawing Dragons when they can be colouring in Alex from A Clockwork Orange, or the Overlook Hotels corridors. You can also get the updated version with even more horror pages to colour!

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Critters Figurine Handmade

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Critters Figurine Handmade

One for a real Horror Fan. A one of a kind baby critter figure. The perfect addition to any horror collection, this little Crite wont bite, but it may just make you die with pleasure looking at his cute little, teeth filled, face.

Buy from Etsy


Shining Blankets

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans - Shining Blankets

Going to be snuggling up in front of a roaring fire this Christmas.? How about a unique blanket to cuddle under? Sinlineen have created this awesome Shining blankets with the carpet patterns from the Overlook Hotel. Having fiends round for a get-together?  Just throw the blanket on your sofa and make an O.K. Party a GREAT PARTY!

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