Halloween Playlists for All Occasions

Halloween Playlists for All Occasions

by | Oct 13, 2017

So, you’ve got all the food, decorations and costumes nailed for your big Halloween part, but what about the music? You could put on one of those rubbish compilations CD’s that seem to pop up every Halloween, or even spend hours creating your own playlist. How about another option? Let us, the horror experts, take care of it. I’ve spent some time this week putting together a variety of different play list for you every Halloween needs. From the creepy overtones needed for a “Deadly Dinner Party”, to the sinister Office Party mix, (Filled with more cheese than you can shake a cracker at!). We have covered all your bases and carefully curated a playlist that will impress all your guests. Sit back, relax…. we have you covered. Enjoy Halloween Playlists For All Occasions.


Deadly Dinner Party

Halloween Music 2017

Let’s not detract from the real reason you’d throw a Halloween dinner part, all that lovely food! We have mixed together a creepy backdrop for you and your guests to enjoy an un-pleasant evening of good food, company and a sprinkling of Halloween ambiance.



Mellow Madness

Halloween Music 2017
For those quieter moments when you just want something to chill for, we have put together a little collection of mellow tunes to sit back and relax with.



Horror Fans Part Atmosphere

Halloween Music 2017

For true film and horror fans, a collection of theme and tracks that will surely keep them happy, guessing which track is from what film. OK, so you may not be able to dance to them, but it’s the creepy horror vibe you may want for your low-key party.



Office Party

Halloween Music 2017
Office party’s need to have one of two things…plenty of booze and cheesy music! With this in mind, we have thrown together a whole host of cheesy tracks to keep your crew going all night. The Ghostbusters theme song and the Time warp are highly favoured in this environment.



Kids Party

Halloween Music 2017
Your little Sprogglins will need something a little less intense to heighten their party, so a collection of firm favourites and easy to sing along to tracks will go down a treat. We don’t want to scare the little tikes, but we do want to imbue their special event with that classic Halloween vibe.



Pure Dance

Halloween Music 2017
Get on your glad rags and put on your dancing shoes, this music mix is filled with music to dance too. From re-mixed favourites to rock classics, we have a little something for everyone to enjoy on the dance floor.



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“Sup Horror Fans – What a THRILLER. I can’t wait to get on down and BOOGEYman! These playlist just might KILL it at your next shin DIG, so don’t forget to tell em that Morti sorted you out…OK!

Keep Rotten”


“Morti” The Mortician



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