Artist Drew Struzan Shares Two Unused ‘Tremors’ Poster

by | Apr 12, 2023

The official poster for the original Tremors (1990) ended up in being an iconic image, not just for the films franchise but for film enthusuaist around the world. Depicting one the the Graboids tentacles, cleverley hidding the creature and preventing spoilers, the image shows the toothed creature coming up out of the gorund toward the main cast. 

The poster was created by the legendary articts Drew Struzan, who’s work includes the poster for Blade Runner, Back to the Future, The Thing and Indiana Jones (to name just a small few). This week, Struzan postede some amazing unsued artwork on his twiiter channel, showing off some concept art that was ultimetly dropped. The two images (which you can see below) show the cast being thretened by the glowing cracks of an earthquack, set against a orange sky. WHilst the images are quite stricking, the lack of Graboids/Tentacles fails to show off the films creature feature genre. 



Drew Struzan is currently retired by his legendary career shaped movie poster composition, style and atmosphere, with many artist still trying to capture that unique style that basiclly sold films to millions of filmgoers all over the world.



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