Fright Night Gets a Comic Book Sequel!

by | Aug 26, 2021

It’s been a couple of years now since the the rights to the Fright Night franchise returned back to director/writer/creator Tom Holland, and we have not really heard much recently. But it seems that he’s been as good as his word as we finally have some news on his visions for the films future.

Holland Brought the charming story of love, friendship and the vampire next door, back in 1985, and it was quickly followed up by a sequel in 1988. But that was pretty much the end for Charly Brewster, Amy Peterson and Peter Vincent. However, back in 2017, Holland dropped the bomb that he was writing a third film, in the form of a novel, that would certainly bring back both Charley and Amy.


Several years on, and the book has morphed into a screenplay sequel to Fright Night. We had an update last year, and we honestly couldn’t be more exited. The project is now know as Fright Night 2: Resurrection, and will bring back nearly all the cast from the first film, including Jerry Dandridge. 

“Of course, Charlie’s back, and so is Evil Ed. I’m bringing back everybody I can. I’m calling it Resurrection because we’ve got to resurrect Billy Cole and Jerry Dandridge. And now I’ll say no more,”

But what of Peter Vincent. Sadly actor Roddy McDowall passed away in 1998, so it’s very unlikely we will see him back on the big screen. However, his character certainly will live on, as the promised comic book sequels are finally on their way. Holland announced in 2018 that he would be re-visiting the classic Fright Night comic books that would continue the adventures of Charly, Amy and Peter. 


American Mythology Production has announced the release of sequel comic book series titled Fright Night: Dead by Dawn. The first issue of the comic will reach store shelves on November 24th. Written by James Kuhoric with art by Cyrus Mesarcia, Fright Night: Dead by Dawn will continue the story a year after Fright night’s events.

“One year after the events of the film we find the group of DIY vampire hunters still chasing the undead. The group consists of a horror movie icon turned late night tv host (Peter Vincent), a teenage horror fan (Charley Brewster), and his girlfriend (Amy Peterson).”

So make sure to reserve your copy, or head down to you local supplier to get your hands on the first edition. 

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