Ghostbusters: Afterlife Shifts to November 11th 2021

by | Jan 26, 2021

Whilst the theatre shutdown gave some films some more time to polish them up, it seems that theatre releases are still a contention for studios. Jason Reitman‘s Ghostbusters: Afterlife had original been shifted for the summer of 2021, but in a huge setback, Sony’s Columbia Pictures have now shifted it to November. 

The summer release would have seen a huge turnout for the film, but without any clear ideas of when vaccines rollouts will start to take effect against Covid, or when it will be safe for cinemas to open again, many studios are already pushing their big films back to the end of the year.

Until Covid is under control, and moviegoers feel more confident in their safety, studios will really need to start making long term plans, such as streaming films, and early media release. But I guess, pushing films back is the best some studios are willing to do right now.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will now release November 11th 2021.

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Stay in, Stay Safe, Love Horror!

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