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Isabelle Fuhrman Returns for Orphan: First Kill

by | Nov 3, 2020

The 2009 horror flick Orphan was a film that had a truly great twist. The film saw a couple adopting a nine-year-old girl who had some terrifying bad habits. One of which was trying to murder everyone. The film’s dramatic reveal left every viewer shook, as the audience discover that Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer.  Well, according to Deadline, it looks like Esther will be returning to our screens in a prequel film. 

Isabelle Fuhrman is set to reprise her role as the escaped psychiatric patient, Leena Klammer, who suffers from hypopituitarism, a rare hormonal disorder that stunted her physical growth and caused proportional dwarfism. The new film will concentrate the story on her escape from Estonian to the US, where she impersonates the missing daughter of a wealthy family. 

Director William Brent Bell (The Boy) now has the difficult task of making the now  23-years-old Fuhrman, look the same (if not younger) age than in the first film. 

In order to help Fuhrman bring her character to life again, filmmakers are utilizing a combination of forced perspective shooting and a world-class makeup team.

Another interesting note is the addition of actress Julia Stiles, who is no stranger to the horror genre. She starred in the 2006 remake of The Omen, and was prominent character in series five of Showtime’s Dexter, on which she received a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nomination.

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