King Returns to Castle Rock – New TV Show

by | Feb 18, 2017

A few weeks ago I said that this year was going to be a big one for Stephen King. With two huge films on the way, and a TV series based on his book Gerald’s Game and The Mist, It certainly looked good for the King of horror. However, it seems he had a couple of extra aces up his sleeve.

Earlier this week Cemetery Dance Publications founder and owner Richard Chizmar revealed that he had finished a novella with King set in Castle Rock.

Longtime fans of King’s work will no doubt recognize the name Castle Rock, the fictional town has appeared in a number of Kings Stories, including The Dead Zone, Cujo and The Dark Half, with many other mentioning the town. It was also the town in which Stand By Me, an adaption of Kings short story “The Body” , was based. Rob Reiner, Stand By Me’s director, later named his production company Castle Rock Entertainment, based on the town’s name. King’s final story to take place in Castle Rock was Needful Things in 1991. According to the cover, it is “The Last Castle Rock Story”. But it would seem that there is at least a little more life in Castle Rock than just a novel, as J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot announces a TV show based on the works of Stephen King.

Channeling Stranger Things, Bad Robot have teamed up with Hulu to create the original series, dropping the big news with a cryptic tweet.

The link taking you to a Youtube video teaser, as tweeted by KIng.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Castle Rock will be an anthology series that brings together the characters and themes of King’s works that involve Castle Rock. The trailer teases characters such as Annie Wilkes (Misery) , Pennywise (IT) and Danny Torrance (The Shining). There is no set date or cast yet, but I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this show. More news when we get it!

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