‘The Collected’ Production May Never Conclude!

by | Apr 6, 2021

For awhile now, us horror fans have patiently been waiting for the promised third part of The Collector films. “The Collected” was announced and even started shooting back in September of 2019 when is suddenly shut down. Covid has no doubt play some part in the productions major big stall, but now the films creators, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, have spoken about the troubled production, and they sound pretty annoyed. 

Movieweb reported on a recent episode of The Thing With Two Heads podcast, where they chatted with director Marcus Dunstan about the film and he had some pretty big revelations about the project. 

“Well, we shot for eight days, and then it was shut down… I invested in this thing, I’d like to know what’s happening. We stopped hearing from anybody with the production. I know most of the props I brought there have been stolen.”

Melton added

“That was two years ago, and we only shot eight days, so very, very little was shot. Anything that’s been released has been from that time period, and there’s no plans to start shooting it. We haven’t talked to anyone who was in the production… we’d love to finish it, but, I don’t know. We’re not the producers, so we don’t know.”

Dunstan said

“All calls and emails have gone unanswered .. When you can’t get anyone on the phone and you don’t hear anything, at this point, I’m really p*ssed off.”

It really does not look good for the film, as the production office ignores calls and email, and also a theft of props just compounds problems. However, Dunstan feels that a teaser is majorly over due and he could put one together using the footage they have already shot. Though it looks like he needs more actions from the producers before he can proceed, ad the footage needs some post work such as grading and some VFX. 

“It still needs color timing, music rights, and some VFX… finishing the teaser will require the producer giving the project the greenlight to resume, so that footage will remain on the shelf for now”

The producers are in charge of looking after these elements, and they rely on a budget from the working studio. However, it’s wise to point out that many film studios may have shelved productions and producer during covid, and many of them have yet to be re-activated or producers re-hired. Only time will tell on this one. But we sure hope that things get back up. 

Best of Luck to Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, and we hope to hear some good news on this later in the year. Meanwhile, you can checkout the podcast video below. 

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