‘The Forever Purge’ Takes Place After the Purge is Abolished!

by | May 5, 2021

The upcoming The Forever Purge has been promised to be the last part of the successful franchise. Many horror fans were wondering where exactly the new film would sit, considering the previous fourth film The First Purge (2018) was a prequel and the third part saw an uprising against the titular event. New details have been released that show that the film takes place after The Purge is abolished.

USA Today shows off a new image from the film and provided these details,

“After the annual Purge is abolished, a group of masked outlaw Purgers in Texas refuse to give up the fight in director Everardo Gout‘s fifth and final movie in the dystopian horror franchise.”

Back in January Total Films said about the film…

“The Forever Purge marks the fifth and final instalment in the Purge franchise – and it looks set to bring things to a fiery climax. The movie will take place after the events of Election Year (whereas The First Purge acted as a prequel to the 2013 original) and will centre on Adela (Ana de la Reguera) and Juan (Tenoch Huerta), who find solace at a Texan ranch, having fled a drug cartel in Mexico. Things go awry when a group of outsiders decide to keep purging beyond the allotted time when people can break any and all laws. It’s an amazing story of Latinos and Americans coming together to overcome despair and evil.”

The Forever Purge will be released in theaters on July 2nd, 2021


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