Despite a few set backs, David Lynch’s return to Twin Peaks officially wrapped last week, and to celebrate this announcement , a full cast list was revealed and it’s amazing. Stars such as Michael Cera, Laura Dern and Tim Roth are to joining original cast members such as; Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fen and Ray Wise. Well over 200 actors and musicians have been confirmed.


All our fan favorites are back, even some random background characters are returning.  Strangely missing from the list is Lara Flynn Boyle, who played Donna Hayward, arguably a major character in the original series. Another missing star is Piper Laurie (who played Catherine Martell) who, now at 84, is probably not up to the grueling filming schedule. Let us also not forget Catherine Coulson, who sadly passed away last year.

The show is to introduce new characters played by Naomi Watts, Matthew Lillard and Tom Sizemore and they have even made room for ghost busting Ernie Hudson. Seriously, I could mention a dozen big names, but we would be here all day. The Full List can be viewed over at Showtimes Tumblr page, just have your scrolling finger ready, as your mouse wheel is going to get a work out.


It is Happening Again

What is exciting is the INCLUSION of star Carel Struycken who played the mysterious giant that appears to Agent Cooper. Also Sheryl Lee’s name appear on the list, who’s characters Laura Palmer and identical cousin, Maddy Ferguson, are both dead. So maybe we see more red room banter! Sadley backwards talking Michael J. Anderson, is not on the list.

Fans have been hyped by the shows reveal, since last year. However it was confirmed that it was going to miss it’s 25th anniversary. “I’ll see you again in 25 years,” Laura Palmer promised in the Red Room, but it actually premiere on SHOWTIME in 2017.

Are you excited about Twin peaks return?  I can barely contain my excitement for this epic revisit of a cult classic! When we meet again, it won’t be me!

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