Viral Wonka and “The Unknown” Heading for Scotland Horror Con

by | Mar 4, 2024

  • Infamous Wonka Event will live on in a faux version
  • Sweet Screams will be a new event at Horror Con Scotland
  • Original Wonka Event cast to attend

If you were living under a shell last week, you may have missed out on the live event that went viral for being so bad. Willy’s Chocolate Experience had been advierstied as “the place where chocolate dreams become reality”, but the actual event was far from dream making. But one entrepreneur is tunring frowns upside, by hiring the cast of the troubled event to be part of a Sweet Screams event at the upcoming Scotland Horror Con. Haazar!!

Inspired by the Roald Dahl novel and films, the Chocolate Experience event boasted an “Enchanted Garden” a “Twilight Tunnel” and an “Imagination Lab”. But visitors who hoped to relive the classic novel felt a bit short changed, as the £35 a head event was hardley the Golden Ticket event promised. Those adventurous souls who wandered into an industrial zone in Whiteinch found themselves in “”little more than an abandoned, empty warehouse”. The place was whimsically dotted with an assortment of candyprops, fluttering curtains, and makeshift cardboard scenes. But all was not lost, the real magic lay in the enthusiastic actors who arrived to spearhead the event, only to be greeted by a peculiar AI script and not much more. Those brave few have been baring thier behind the scenes stories and making quite a stir.



Step into the light Laura Ripley, the brains and bravery behind Horror Con Scotland, who has been pretty miffed by the Wonka event creating doubt in the events industry, at a time when it needs faith (and paying customers) to keep events running. What better way to weather such stormy weather than to embrace it, and that’s exactly what Laura has done, by hiring some of the Wonka cast to be part of a brand new attraction to the Horror Con, that laughs at the face of farce… but creating a spoof space for attendees to live, laugh and chow down on (at least TWO) Jelly beans.

“In a genius move that’s part clapback, part celebration, Laura’s whipping out “Sweet Screams” – a fab new twist to Horror Con Scotland that’s about to turn heads, tickle taste buds, and prove that when life gives you lemons, you chuck ’em and grab jelly beans instead.”

The Sweet Screams experience will feature:

  • Jelly Bean Joyride: Every guest kicks off their adventure with two jelly beans
  • Thirst for Thrills, Hold the Lemonade: Who needs lemonade when you can sip on pure, unadulterated fear? (Metaphorically speaking, of course!)
  • All-Inclusive Spooks: Access to this candy-coated, scream-filled extravaganza is included with your Horror Con Scotland ticket. No pesky extras!

Taking to TikTok Laura told followers

I decide to roll with some mayhem to this and we are adding on our sweet screams experience at Horror Con Scotland, and it’s going to be a total piss take of the event that happened last weekend. 

Horror Con Scotland has reached out to the cast of the Wonka event and offereing them paid roles in the mock experince.

Laura’s extending a big, warm, chocolatey hand to the cast, offering paid roles in this sweet and spooky adventure. The Glam Loompa and the “Unknown” are already on board, and it’s shaping up to be a reunion you won’t want to miss.

Want some candy? Feel like some screams? Head on over to Horror Con Scotland to pick up tickets and info on the event, heading your way September 21st. Also chekc out Northern Frights for other events in the north of the UK. 



Will you be heading to Scotland Horror Con? Let us know in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram! Or head over to our Fans Page to join like minded horror fans. You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @Lallen_UK

Stay Safe, Love Horror!

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