Obscure Sci-Fi Films That should get a Remake

Obscure Sci-Fi Films That Desperately Need a Remake

by | Nov 9, 2018

Amongst your Star-Wars, Blade Runner and Matrix films are a handful of amazing science fiction films that have gather dust over the years. Lost in obscurity through popularity and transfers, the films on today’s list all share a common VEIN, they are all AMAZING stories that are worth a second look. But time has been CRUEL to many of these films, and some may never see a 2 or 4K transfer, and so they will forever be stuck on VHS HELL. These are the films that desperately need to have an update, they are Obscure Sci-Fi Films That Desperately Need a Remake.

The Quiet Earth (1985)

The tale of a science experiment gone wrong, The Quiet Earth throws Zac Hobson (Bruno Lawrence) into a desolate world where humanity has blinked out of existence. The intense story is hauntingly brought to life by an amazing cast and the films twist is something straight of out The Twilight Zone! A Modern remake could be edgier, more action packed and leave audiences with their jaws on the floor. 

Millennium (1989)

As much as modern Sci-Fi films try to be smart, some of the gems of the 80’s just smash the competition when it comes to clever original content. Millenniums story is one of the most compelling and interesting time -travel films of it’s time, it’s just a shame it was masked by a slow paced budget film that could not quite live up to the films huge potential. A modern retelling, with state of the art effects, would surely be a huge hit with audiences. 

Silent Running (1972)

Few sci-Fi films manage to approach delicate subject matters with as much decorum and emotion as the 1972 space adventure Silent Running. The environmental messages that film brings is just as relevant today as it was back in the 70’s. With a global effort to save our planet from the destruction seen in the film, a re-make would resonate much more NOW then ever before. And whilst it will be hard to pull of a performance quite as harrowing as Bruce Dern, It would be great to see an up-and-coming star step up to the plate. Please…just don’t cast the Rock in this one! 

Fortress (1992)

A dystopian look at the future, Fortress takes it’s cues from classic escape movies, set in an ultra futuristic prison. Christopher Lambert’s turn as John Henry Brennick is as hammy as you could expect from the Highlander actor, but the films story still manages to pack a few punches. A remake of the film could bring a much bigger budget with bigger stars and even push the films sub-plot of population control much further. 

Lifeforce (1985)

Lifeforce found a cult following after it’s release in 1985. The exciting prospect of a film about Space Vampires sadly did not reach the dizzying heights it deserved. This is mostly down to the huge amounts of unnecessary nudity, a convoluted story and effects that looked bad even for the mid-eighties. Tone down on the nudity, add a few popular faces to the mix, and the resulting remake could be one of the most exciting, British based, alien invasion movies outside of War of The Worlds. 

Tank Girl (1995)

Based on the British post-apocalyptic comic series of the same name, the movie adaption of Tank Girl absolutely flopped. Raking in only a fraction of its production costs. The energetic and fast paced film failed to resonate with audience or critics. Lori Petty absolutely nailed her permanence as ‘Tank Girl’, but the films script was missing a compelling story that could link all the eye candy together. A gritter, gorier, R rated effort may just be what we need to bring this amazing gal back on the big screen. 

Dead End Drive-In (1986)

Whilst it may feel like the odd uncle of the Mad-Max films, the near future film, Dead End Drive-In, takes us on a scary look at a world in a collapsed the economy, where a community of movie lovers find themselves trapped inside a Drive-In movie theatre. The film itself has aged badly and many of the films references and sub-plots are not so relevant anymore. A modern day revamp could take this concept and do something majorly interesting, and action packed. 

Miracle Mile (1988)

The apocalyptic thriller Miracle Mile is a real gem of a film. The story of a man who intercepts a phone call declaring the start of a nuclear war, is wonderfully realised by director Steve De Jarnatt. It’s major issue is that it just never goes far enough. The story only ever hints at the full blown repercussions of the films evens, and never really lets go of its boring love story the film pushes on us. Ditch the silly whirlwind romance for something a little more wholesome, expand the chaos, and we may just have a huge summer blockbuster on our hands. 

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