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In my opinion, the 80’s was the biggest era for horror. It produced the most infamous and influential films in history, such as the Shining and the Evil Dead. It also saw the spawning on the horror franchise, with Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on elm, producing a number of squeals. The gore was in camera, the work usually experimental, and it was all good. Compared to modern films, the 80’s was the Gold era of Horror.

One aspect that I always found quite amusing , was the use of original songs, usually written especially for the film. They would played on the credits crawl, were usually rock songs and would often use the title name in a cringe worthy attempt of tying film and song together.

Well Judge for yourself, here’s a number of original songs, in no particular order. Some good, some bad, you decide.



Fright Night


J.Geils Band – “Fright Night”


Pet Sematary


The Ramones – “Pet Sematary”


Killer Clowns from Outer Space


The Dickies – “Killer Clowns from Outer Space”


Lost Boys


G Tom Mac + Michael Mainieri – “Cry Little Sister”


Maximum Overdrive


AC/DC – “Who Made Who”




e Fibonaccis + R Band – “Terror Vision”




Jonathan Elias – “Seduction Surrender”


Hellraiser 3 : Hell on Earth


Radio Head – “Hellraiser”



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