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Michael Myers is the relentless killer of the Halloween franchise. He was created by John Carpenter as a nameless character who hunted the teenagers of Haddonfiled. In the script he was simple described as the shape, and renames nameless until the sequels. Nick Castle played Myers through out the 1978 film, with a couple of other people stepping in for key scenes,

Terror Bites - Halloween - Michael Myers - Horror Land

Terror Bites
  • The killer is referred to as The Shape in the script and credits for this film. Michael Myers name is never mentioned apart from the 1963 flashback.
  • Originally, Nick Castle was on set just to watch the movie be filmed. It was at the suggestion of John Carpenter that he took up the role of Michael Myers.
  • Nick Castle was payed $50 a day.
  • New masks had to be bought direct from the supplier for the sequel, as the original latex mask had degraded


“There was no particular direction on how I walked or if I was supposed to float like the panaglides… Basically, John took a look at the way I walked and went, ‘Oh, that’s fine.’”

–Nick Castle


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Halloween - The Shape

Terror Bites - Halloween - Loomis

Halloween - Dr. Sam Loomis

Terror Bites - Halloween - Myers

Halloween - Mask

Halloween - The Shape



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