The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

by | Oct 19, 2018

With Halloween coming around once more, expect a knock upon your door. A ghoulish face, a twisted hand , before you stands a macabre band. Plastic fangs and holes in sheet, they cry out loud… “Trick or Treat!”
It’s time kiddies, Halloween is upon us. So make sure you stock up on treats for your local ghouls and ghosts to plunge their dirty little claws into. Here is out guide to the best UK sweets around.

Shop Brand Candy

Shop Brand Candy - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

It’s essential to have a filler in your sweet bowl. Luckily, all the major stores stock your staple mini chocolates. These round milk chocolate balls are wrapped in foil and usually come in two different varieties, mini eyeballs and pumpkins. I found these in almost every store I went into. A few stores are even selling a Christmas favourite, gold and silver coins, so don’t be afraid of chucking a few of those in for added booty!


Scarylea – Spooky Cheese Triangles

Scarylea – Spooky Cheese Triangles - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

This year, it’s nice to see a few other brands trying their hand at Halloween packaging. Dairylea’s big selling Triangles have re-branded themselves this year, with Scarylea Triangles making an appearance in the chilled isles. With a vampire cow, spooky castle and even a solitary gravestone on the front of the pack, Dairylea have really made a big effort to celebrate All Hallows Eve. Probably not what kids were expecting to get as a treat, but one that’s probably much healthier then all that chocolate.


Scarestrings – Twisted

Scarestrings – Twisted - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

Another cheese based product that has dressed up for the season is Cheesestrings. Popular with the younger kids, this tactile cheese product has transformed into Scarestrings, complete with a spooky castle and a piece of cheese dressed up as The Grim Reaper, Mummy or Frankenstein. Spooky stuff indeed!


Cadbury – Pumpkin Patch Cakes

Cadbury – Pumpkin Patch Cakes - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

Pumpkin Patch Cakes are chocolate flavoured sponge layered with an orange coloured crème, covered in milk chocolate and finished with a pumpkin decoration. These delicious treats make a welcome return and seem to be a staple Halloween treat that always impresses.


Cadbury – Goo Heads

Cadbury – Goo Heads - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

It seems that Cadbury just can’t make up their minds on what to do with their crème eggs for Halloween. Two years ago, we had awesome looking green coloured Scream egg, those were replaced last year with Ghoost eggs, and this year we have Goo Heads. Despite the different decorated foil wrappers, they are just normal Cream eggs. However, this year they come in to different sizes, with mini Goo Heads a better option for filling a trick or treat bag.


Cadbury – Mini Bonfire Logs

Cadbury – Mini Bonfire Logs - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

How about mixing it up a little this year by throwing in a few Bonfire Night treats into your cauldron of tempting treats? This mini Bonfire logs are individual wrapped and are the closest thing you’ll find to tinder toffee, which has just disappeared of our shelves over the past few years.


Cadbury – Screme Egg Pots of Joy

Cadbury – Screme Egg Pots of Joy - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

Sadly, the green coloured Screme Eggs are still MIA for a second year running, but the cold dessert version is still kicking it in the fridge department.


Mr Kipling – Fiendish Fancies & Toffee Terror Whirls

Mr Kipling - Fiendish Fancies & Toffee Terror Whirls - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

Mr Kipling’s terror treats are back on shelves this year, although they are in stock a little later in stores. Weeks before they appeared on supermarket shelves, Mr Kipling’s Bonfie Night treats were being stocked, a celebration that comes a week after Halloween. The Fancies are just yellow coloured French Fancies, whilst the whirls are a once a year treat, being a fiendish twist on a Viennese Whirls, switching out Jam for toffee.


McVities Digestives – Beastly Bakes

McVities Digestives – Beastly Bakes - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

New on the shelves this year are these tiffin based bakes that are delicious and colourful. They make for great party food, but lack any real flaire that marks it as beiign a Halloween Treat, once you’ve removed them form the packet.


Skittles – Sweet Heat

Skittles Sweet Heat - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

Looking for a trick this year? Look no further than Skittles Sweet Heat limited addition candy. Remember those old prank sweets you could buy from the joke shop? The ones that were made with chilli? Well, these are basically a branded version of them. I’m a big fan of spicy food, but these things were disgusting. Defiantly one to avoid!


Nestle Milky Bar & Smarties – Freaky Friends

Nestle Milky Bar & Smarties – Freaky Friends - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2018

Last years Ghost and Pumkins have been replaced with Freaky Friends, a selection of doll shaped hollow chocolates covered in foil. Smarties has four different characters, a Witch , a Bat , a Black Cat and a Ghost, and each one also includes those cute little smarties from last years pumpkin. Milky Bar contain, a Mummy, a Skeleton, a Werewolf and a Vampire, but without any treats inside. They are super fun little items that make perfect Halloween candy!

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“Hello Horror Fans – Trick or Treat…Smell my feet! Actually, you better not! I can’t recall the last time they have been washed. Looking at this list has made me super hungry, and I can’t wait to get out on the streets for some mischief on the 31st. And I don’t even need a costume! Have a great Halloween folks!

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