Top 10 Tips – Horror Christmas Crackers

Top 10 Tips – Horror Christmas Crackers

by | Dec 17, 2020

Whilst there are plenty of other things to be worrying about during chrimbo, one of the last things on your mind might be your Christmas crackers. Yes, your super busy so you’ll probably just end up buying a cheap box that will contain the usual suspects, like another pair of nail clippers, a small pack of cards and screwdriver set made for borrowers. But image having something a little more exciting this year, something bespoke and with a little more SCREAM.

You can easily customise your Crackers to make them fit into a more darker vision, for thrills and surprises around your table. Here are ten top tips on how to make your Crackers, less cringey and more creepy!


10 – Print your own design

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Print your own design

It’s easier than you think to create your very own crackers at home. Simple print out a template, stick it to either a custom printed design or some wrapping paper, and make a few cuts and folds. For the snap, you can buy them online, or pinch them from some old crackers. We are always finding a bunch of old crackers in the loft, so there’s plenty to spare. The results are an amazing custom cracker that will impress even the most stone hearted of demons.


9 – Change the Ribbon

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Change the Ribbon

Sometimes, those store bought crackers are just fine, but you might want them to fit into your table theme a little better. Here’s a simple idea, just change the ribbon on the crackers. Get rid of the cheap nasty stuff and replace it with a gothic thrilled black ribbon. Nice!


8 – Use String and Cardboard

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Use String and Cardboard

Want something a little more rustic. Try using plain old string for ribbons and add some plain cardboard for a name plate. Just replace the ribbon on any old cracker, or your custom made designs. These look great and add a simple charm to your table.


7 –  Glitter

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Glitter

Want to add a little extra something to your cracker. Add some glitter for that fantasy shine. We found that plain crackers work best for this. Simply cover in pritt-stick glue and then roll them in glitter. Make sure to let them dry and shake off any access glitter.


6 – Replace Jokes

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Replacing Jokes

If there’s something that stinks more than the stilton around your Christmas table, it’s the terrible puns found inside your crackers. Why not replace them with something a little more fun. Write or print out your own jokes, or even add in your favorite film quotes or facts. Open up your crackers and replace those terrible jokes for something more wholesome.


5 – Fill with Confetti

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Fill with Confetti

Whilst this one might risk covering you turkey in paper, it’s certainly a great way to surprise you friends and family. We found lots of sellers on Esty that sell Horror Confetti that will really make a huge impact on your table. Fill those crackers up and watch everyone surprise when they explode with a flurry of horror. Juts pull those bad-boys before you put the food on the table.


4 – Custom Name Tags

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Custom Name Tags

There is nothing nicer than having name tags on tables so Terry knows he is sitting next to Gran this year (Sorry Terry!!!) However, you can add custom made tags to your crackers and use those as the table place holders. Make them gothic and mysterious for added effect.


3 – Theme the Hats

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Theme the hats

Most Christmas crackers come with multi coloured tissue paper hats that EVERYONE hates wearing. Why not jazz things up a little with some custom made hats. All you need is some tissue paper and glue/tape to make the base hats, then you can add whatever you want to them. Add some glitter, stick on some pictures.… go nuts.


2- Customize the Gift

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Customize the gift

Here’s the big one, simple swap out that old crap that you’ll find in any cracker on the market and replace it with things people will love. Because it has to be small enough to fit in a cracker, it won’t cost much to pick up some old trinkets, keyrings,  little toys or maybe even something more creative. Why not make something to go inside the crackers? Mini candles, jewellery or bits of art.


1 – Theme your Crackers

Top 10 Tips - Horror Christmas Crackers - Theme your crackers

How about creating crackers around a theme? Combining techniques from this list, you could potential create amazing horror themed crackers that make a huge impact. How about a ghost busters styled cracker. Buy some plain white crackers, stick in some Ghostbusters keychains, green confetti and hats, and add customised name plates. What a great surprise for everyone.

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“Hello Horror Fans – Ho ho COAL. Well isn’t this a right ol’ CRACK. I don’t usually pull crackers at Christmas, just hamstrings and wool (over peoples eyes). Let us know your creative xmas ideas, in the comments below. Till next time kiddies…

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