Why Is WATERSHIP DOWN So Messed Up?!

Why Is WATERSHIP DOWN So Messed Up?!

by | Apr 16, 2018

“Whenever they catch you, they will kill you”

Watership Down has been a right of passage for generations of kids. The deeply dark and disturbing animation has for centuries been children’s first disturbing look at the world. Through it’s graphic depiction of violence, through to it’s heart wrenching take on death, the film is a benchmark for telling a maturer theme through a medium that is mostly associated with children’s entertainment. I myself still find this film hard to watch due to the impact it had on my as a child. As a grown man that watches  graphic horrors, I am still hesitant at watching this honest look at survival, through the eyes of Hazel and his fellow rabbits. Such is its legacy. 

Youtuber Ryan Hollinger took to the web with his views on the timeless classic in a fascinating and in-depth journey down into the rabbit hole.  Ryan looks at the films storytelling and sub-text and asks Why Is WATERSHIP DOWN So Messed Up?! Can you watch the video below…. i think not!



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